Situational and Adoptive

In a situation where I am new or do not know the employees and/or company culture, I would need to look, listen and learn.  I would need to develop an understanding of each of the team member’s skill level, experience, and personalities.  Getting to know their generational beliefs will be important in knowing how each individual wants to be treated, how they expect to do their jobs, and what they expect from me and the job.

I encourage honest and open debate from my team.

My leadership style starts with some fundamental core values:

1.      Respect

2.      Trust

3.      Fairness

4.      Integrity

I use a participation style in decision making with individual or teams.  I want them to know that their knowledge and opinions count.

I always set clear goals for my team and let them know my expectations.

I delegate as much as possible w/monitoring based on skills, experience and confidence.  I find that professionals want to be challenged and have ownership of their work. This fosters creativity and dedication when they are responsible for their results.

I am a walk around leader.  I make myself available to support my team.  This allows me to get to know them.  This gives them the opportunity to ask me questions and for me to get their ideas about the project to help them feel vested.  It also gives me the opportunity to provide them constructive feedback and performance recognition on a more routine basis.  I never meddle needlessly in a project but always make myself available to support the team.

The single thing I am the proudest about from my previous job was the sincere gratitude each of my team members expressed to me regarding how they were treated and how they appreciated my mentoring, coaching and always being there when they needed my support.  I am sure that is why my team never missed a deadline, always responded to issues with a sense of urgency and delivered so many successful projects.  These were motivated individuals even in the face of a stressful and a changing automotive working environment.  They knew I valued them, even if the company appeared to be indifferent.

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