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Engineering Group Manager - General Motors - Vehicle Engineering Center, Warren, Michigan


Managed a group of engineers responsible for the design and validation of wheels, wheel trim, jacks, spare tire stowage, inflator kits, tires and chassis tools for many North America and Global car and SUV architecture vehicles.  Provided leadership and guidance to enable my engineering staff and integrated supplier engineers to deliver first time quality program execution consistent with high core values.  Created a business environment that encourages the professional development of each person while holding individuals accountable for results.  Provided regular feedback through performance appraisals and one-on-one coaching to foster a sense of pride and ownership in their components.  Responsible for workload forecasting and balancing and conducting a variety of management reviews such as cost reduction, warranty reduction and design reviews.  Reduced or eliminated production downtime with prompt and systematic root cause analysis of supplier quality and process issues.  Developed and implemented action plans to improve performance of business critical suppliers, which included leading efforts to resolve recurring supply chain issues involving quality and delivery.  Provided leadership in areas of product quality assurance and quality engineering to drive business objectives, continuous process and product improvements.  Recommended approval/reject of cost reduction proposal and improvement projects based on solid financial and business analysis.

Design and Release Engineer - General Motors - Vehicle Engineering Center, Warren, Michigan


Responsible for design, component validation and production release of tires, wheels, wheel trim, jacks and related hardware parts.  Supported the vehicle build process (mule/alpha/beta/pilot) to ensure the representative components were built into the vehicle for development testing and validation.  Managed the parts release system and completed detailed SOR's, SSTS, CTS, and DFMEA/PFMEA for each subsystem and component as required.  Defined the assembly process for all parts released for production.  Acted as a liaison between the Vehicle Program teams and the Product Engineering teams to assure conformance to timing, development, analysis and validation plans.  Maintained open issues lists, product program spreadsheets and tire/wheel charts.  Provided management periodic updates on project status in both oral and written presentations.  Interfaced with the other development engineers, supplier quality, designers, tire and wheel technology experts, tire dynamics and technical services to establish design criteria for mass, piece cost and investment for each vehicle program.  Provided advice and guidance to the subsystem/component jack designers as to the product design requirements.  Designed and developed the stowage area for jack and spare tire within the interior or exterior of the vehicle by means of stowage hardware and/or hoist mechanisms.  Insured that the design of the stowage met legal safety requirements.  Ensured products and assemblies met specifications and all applicable product quality, design and manufacturing process requirements.  Measured supplier performance on a periodic basis, and initiated, reviewed, and approved corrective action for supplier caused deficiencies.

Test Engineering Supervisor - General Motors - Vehicle Proving Grounds, Milford Michigan


Supervised the Tire Wheel Systems test engineering team that was responsible for tire and wheel test equipment, test procedure development and equipment maintenance.  Planned, specified, developed and purchased equipment used in the testing and validation of tires, wheels and wheel trim.  Directed the engineering and technical personnel in the fabrication of testing and test control apparatus and equipment.  Insured engineers and technicians were trained in hazardous waste operations, first aid, worker respiratory protection and confined space entry procedures.  Conferred with various product development engineers to resolve testing problems.  Analyzed test data and prepared technical reports for use by engineering and management personnel.  Successfully handled various capacity expansions, cost reduction activities and quality improvement projects.

Test Engineer - General Motors - Vehicle Proving Grounds, Milford, Michigan


Managed the tire traction operations and consulted on many corporate activities associated with tire traction.  Designed and developed several different types of test equipment to test tire braking, driving and cornering traction.  This included performance specification compliance testing for all GM passenger and light truck tires, vehicle wet handling performance, vehicle development of anti-lock brakes systems, industry standards, corporate litigations and Government rule making.  Responsible for the design and implementation of comprehensive tire wet handling evaluation facilities constructed by all GM tire suppliers.  This increased GM's ability to fully assess tire performance and saved GM a capital facilities investment of over $1,000,000.  Assisted in the test planning and in acquiring information to support GM's position in the government class action suit against GM with respect to the 1980 "X" car litigation.  Participated as a team member to develop response strategies and in obtaining test data to support GM's reply to proposed Federal rule making for vehicle brake system performance (FMVSS 135).

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