Selected Achievements and Skills

Business and Engineering Skills: Reduced the product development and validation time by 25% by establishing better design criteria and implementing strategic enablers.  Recommended and implemented cost reduction proposals and improvement projects based on solid financial and business analysis.  Reduced product warranty costs bt 23% and material costs by $28 million dollars in one year.  Championed a revenue-focused approach to product decisions and vehicle content to increase their contribution margins and corporate profits on one vehicle line by $34 million dollars per year.  Contributed to company profit growth by ensuring that all products exceeded customer requirements and came in significantly under budget.  Comprehensive understanding of business analysis/evaluations, product development life cycle management, process improvements, supplier negotiations, quality assurance and supply chain.  Collaborated with customers to define special product-development requirements and translated customer needs into product-line extensions.

Leadership and Execution Skills: Highly personable and sincere style with strong verbal and written communications skills has helped me create winning teams to achieve and sustain higher performance.  Proficient in solving complex problems and managing teams or working in teams to implement solutions under tight deadlines.  Also see Leadership style page.

Product Design and Test Development: Managed the development and patent of a product design that eliminated the need to add additional vehicle structure for a flat tire carrier and saved the company $500,000 annually.  Developed a test improvement process to insure that all supplier provided test data would meet corporate requirements for vehicle development and resulted in corporate cost savings exceeding $750,000 annually.  Never missed a product launch or compromised production by maintaining tight controls on product development and validation timing.  Managed the design, development and validation of over 120 products simultaneously.

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Product Design & Development

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